Why Mobile based Data Collection

Mobile based data collection gives a lot many benefits to researcher over paper based tools. Some include:

  • Harder to skip questionsr
  • Range checking
  • Eliminates transcription errors
  • Very portable
  • Immediate access to data from server- rapid data aggregation and analyses
  • Minimize workforce- better supervision is possible
  • Unlimited data types; Form + GPS + pictures + videos + string + numeric + audio + barcodes
  • Get GPS location of respondent easily
  • Cleaner data- standardization of data
  • Easy connection to other records
  • Minimized work force
  • Real time monitoring
  • Cost efficiency
  • Security of data

    Enumerator picking households too close

    Enumerator picking households too close

  • Updating of questionnaire
  • Editing in collecting responses
  • Auto numbering in survey household etc

Research proved that Mobile based Data collection gives considerable advantage in terms of time, cost and quality over paper and pen interviewing. See Full Presentation Here.


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