Areas of Application

Use of smart phones and mobiles in field based data collection has been increasing day by day all around the world. Pakistan is no exception and various organizations have been adopting this approach to achieve efficiency and quality. Up till now, in Pakistan, mobile based data collection has shown progress the following areas of applications:

1. Monitoring and Evaluation

mobile_based_data_collection_pakistan_citypulse_paper_basedMonitoring and evaluation of projects requires collection of field data against said indicators on a periodic basis. Most of the projects requires Baseline, Midterm and End of project evaluations in order to assess the progress and impact of the project. All of these requires collection of primary data from field. Mobile based data collection can greatly help M&E professionals in their day to day data collection by making it easy, cost effective and  accurate. In Pakistan, use of Mobile based Data Collection for monitoring of urban and rural development projects in increasing rapidly.




2. Disaster Management

Assessment of pre and post disaster situations calls for the collection of accurate data in a quickest possible way.

3. Social Surveys

4. Census Surveys

5. Academic Research

6. Infrastructure Management

7. Land use Planning

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