Data collection; the traditional way

Traditional tools to get data from field. Now its time for mobile based data collection in Pakistan

Traditionally researcher needed to use:

traditional way of data management in pakistan

traditional way of data management in Pakistan

  • Paper based tools (questionnaires, rosters, checklists, performas etc.) for collecting text and numeric data
  • Cameras to collect pictures/ video data
  • Watches to store time and date
  • GPS to collect locational data
  • Sometimes physical Transfer of survey questionnaires results in damage/ loss of data
  • Data entry is laborious and time consuming. When managed by multiple KPOs, its very challenging to manage 0 errors accuracy level.
  • Double data entry
  • Data cleaning; 2nd name to headache
  • Researcher has less control on quality of data being collected
  • Difficult to maintain consistencies and logical checks


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