Using ODK Collect

ODK Collect is an open source application used currently on Android devices for collecting data using specified forms. It is one of the main component of ODK based Mobile data collection and management system. User has to install this on his/her android device for being able to collect data in […]

Mobile Data Collection using ODK

Mobile based data collection using Open Data Kit (ODK) requires the use of 3 key tools including ODK Build, ODK Collect and ODK Aggregate. However at various stages some intermediary tools like ODK Validate, ODK Briefcase, XLSForms, etc are also used. A brief explanation of these tools is given below: […]

Why Mobile based Data Collection

Mobile based data collection gives a lot many benefits to researcher over paper based tools. Some include: Harder to skip questions Range checking Eliminates transcription errors Very portable Immediate access to data from server- rapid data aggregation and analyses Minimize workforce- better supervision is possible Unlimited data types; Form + […]

Data collection; the traditional way

Traditionally researcher needed to use: Paper based tools (questionnaires, rosters, checklists, performas etc.) for collecting text and numeric data Cameras to collect pictures/ video data Watches to store time and date GPS to collect locational data Sometimes physical Transfer of survey questionnaires results in damage/ loss of data Data entry […]